Hair Weaves: Today’s Essential Beauty Tools

Hair extensions are some of the best kept secrets in the world of beauty. They are also known as weaves and are used by millions of women around the world. In fact, the majority of celebrities, fashion models use them to change hair styles quickly. High quality extensions that are professionally added and cared for can simplify beauty routines. Wearers enjoy “wash and go” hair that always looks beautiful.

How Hair Extensions Work

An extension is simply a weft, or curtain, of hair. Extensions may be sewn, glued or braided into natural hair. They are available in a huge variety of colors, lengths, styles and textures. Some women add very inexpensive, temporary wefts when they want to add color or extra hair for a special occasion. These products are not high quality and can only be used a few times at most. Wearers who want the best looking results invest in high-quality human hair wigs or extensions. They look natural and can be shampooed and styled just like the wearer’s own. Natural products stay beautiful for a long time, especially with professional upkeep.

Where the Best Products Come From

The most sought after and good-looking extensions are made with remy hair. They are especially soft and smooth because all cuticles go in the same direction. Remy extensions are typically cut from ponytails. Virgin remy extensions are exceptionally beautiful and are made with hair that has never been processed. Between inexpensive synthetics and the best products there are dozens of types in a variety of price ranges. Quality products can come from countries such as India, Peru and Brazil. There are also dozens of sellers offering any kinds of hairpieces. It is important to buy extensions from reputable companies because some advertise 100% remy hair but sell coarser products that can even have animal hair mixed in. Inferior products are often treated to make them look pretty when brand-new but quickly deteriorate after they are worn and washed a few times.

Women who need or want to change hairstyles often may use hair extensions. They are wefts of hair that can be attached to the scalp or hair, to instantly add length, volume, texture and color. Extensions may be made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials, but the finest are created using untreated human hair that has been cut from a ponytail.